Solar E-Rikshaw

Solar Panels for Electric Rickshaw

Our Solar Electric Rickshaw runs 120-170 Kms (Distance Travel with Solar: 50-70+ Kms, Distance Travel with Battery: 70-100 Kms)

10x stronger than conventional solar panels

1/2 the weight of conventional solar panels

Safe & Durable: No glass used

3 to 5 times increased battery life irrespective of lead acid or lithium ion battery depending on daily travel distance

Solar-Powered Electric Rickshaw Specifications

Passenger Capacity 5 Seater (including driver)
Certification iCAT Approved
Motor 900W to 1500W Brushless DC motor
Solar Panels Total installed capacity: 850 to 900 Watts
Battery Voltage 48 Volt
Battery Capacity 80Ah to 140Ah Battery (Lead Acid or Lithium Ion Battery)
Max Speed 25 Km/Hour
Dimensions 2720x980x1780mm
Load Capacity 500Kg
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