PV Module

Mono PERC Module

V Connect Green Mono PERC Modules are the best for On-Grid solar power plants with an efficiency of 19.74%. Our modules are built to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions and sustain for more than 25 years. The rigid performance and the safety measures adopted by our products are one of its kinds. These modules are carved into perfection with our state-of-the-art machinery and materials sourced from across the world. Capable of bearing high snow load and wind Excellent current distribution performance Flexibility in inverter & junction box selection Resists corrosion of the frame ensuring long life No degradation of electrical power

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Polycrystalline Module

V Connect Green Photovoltaic Polycrystalline Modules are designed for large electrical power requirements. They have a high module conversion efficiency of up to 17.18% through advanced manufacturing technology. These modules are designed to have low degradation and rigid performance under high temperature and low light conditions. They are carved into perfection for reliable performance for both on-grid and off-grid solar projects and sustain for more than 25 years. Capable of producing higher efficiency Reduces loss and consumption of power Has an extreme positive tolerance offer Has excellent current distribution performance Capable of excellent performance under weak light conditions

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AC Solar Module

V Connect Green introduces AC Solar Module with an inbuilt inverter to eliminate interrupted power at your homes. These modules convert the DC power output to AC power. The micro-inverters replace the need for the single, centralized inverter currently used in DC solar electric systems. Instead of connecting solar modules to a standalone inverter, opt for our reliable and integrated AC Solar Modules which are known for their highly efficient performance and standard of quality. Easy installation on challenging surfaces System reliability enhanced through redundancy The safe system, because it handles low voltage at the module level Proprietary Burst technology* to produce more energy during dawn, dusk and low light conditions

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Bi-facial Module

V connect Green Bifacial PV modules have the unique ability to produce electricity from direct sunlight exposure, as well as from reflective light that has passed through the panels. When the sun shines onto the panels, light passes through the panels due to the glass surfaces. This is capable because bifacial panels allow for electricity to be produced from both sides of the panels optimizing and aligning with the time of sunrise and sunset. The higher a bifacial module is tilted, the more power it produces from its properties. This is extremely effective for high-range commercial or utility-scale application set-ups. Higher Lifetime Power Yield Saving BOS Cost Improved Durability and Reliability Less Maintenance Requirement Strengthened Mechanical Support

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Half Cut Module

Introducing our most advanced half-cut cell technology, which increases module efficiency up to 19.96% compared to other standard Photovoltaic modules. Emmvee 144 Cut Cell Mono Perc module has a higher energy yield and a higher efficiency. Higher efficiency Positive Tolerance Offer Excellent Current Distribution Performance reduces power loss Resistant against salt, mist, ammonia, dust & hail Excellent performance under weak light conditions

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