Operations & Maintenance!

Operations & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is perhaps the most basic approach to guarantee that the solar power system gives the most ideal power generation. The conveyance of solar power with no interruption keeps up the surge of monetary worth created by every kilowatt hour of creation, and proper service is a basic component to ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime.


V-Connect Green Solar plant Operation and Maintenance(O&M) Providing an incorporated consideration for your solar power plant resources with highly experienced O'& Maintenance division. Our O&M team operates and maintains your solar power system by providing time to report on your solar power plant’s power generation or efficiency check. We additionally have expertise in solar plant installation alongside devising mechanisms to recover and oversee solar power generation data based to upgrade our Operation and Maintenance services.


Installing,Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance.

  • OptimizingInstallation of Solar Power Plant
  • Monitoring and control of Solar Plant
  • Predictive maintenance enablement
  • Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Warranty administration and advocacy
  • Maintenance, coordination and communication


  • Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
  • Solar Module cleaning and vegetation decrease
  • Plant Grounds maintenance, bug control & water/waste etc.
  • End to end solar power plant support (DC and AC)
  • Safety measurements
  • Spare parts, inventory & supply management
  • Maintenance planning & implementation
  • Improvement & development of plant-specific planning